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Traveling with a 3 year old - a dream

We had been in Australia for 18 months and missed family and friends, so we decided to go back for a 3 week holiday and the flying anxiety kicked straight back in. Surely as she was older, the flying would be easier – I’m pleased to say it was an absolute dream. The difference of her being now almost 3.5 years old was amazing, she absolutely loved flying, loved picking what she wanted to watch on the TV, played some of the games and loved having her own Keeping Kids Busy bag full of goodies that were all perfect for her age. After my last experience of spending ages finding the perfect toys and activities to keep her busy, this ultimately led to the creation of Keeping Kids Busy. Each bag has 10 age appropriate games, crafts, books and activities designed to keep kids busy and are perfect for plane travel as the items are not messy, are quiet and are easy for kids to carry as they are all in a reusable drawstring bag.

This was the ultimate test of my new business venture and I am pleased and relieved to say that the toys inside the bag for ages 3-5 kept her entertained for hours. Not just on the plane but at the airport, in the hotel room, when we went out to eat and even when we had some rainy days - it truly was a life saver. The bag contains a soft toy, a scrapbook to make memories of the trip, stickers, crayons, colouring book, a first readers book, play doh, a car, making masks craft activity and a puzzle. We also used it at every restaurant we visited whilst on holiday and it did a great job of keeping her busy whilst waiting for food. My daughter was very excited every time she saw her activity bag and loved carrying it around herself.

We did suffer a bit of jet lag on the trip from Brisbane to London but we decided to have a stopover in Singapore on the way home, and I would definitely recommend doing this as we didn’t suffer from jet lag as badly and had a few days relaxing by the pool before coming home. Read all about traveling to Singapore as a family in my next blog.

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