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Flying long haul with a toddler

Google was my best friend, I was constantly searching how to travel long haul with a toddler and I was happy to find lots of tips and hints online about what snacks to take, what activities to take, what clothes to wear but there was so much advice it was almost overwhelming and I think I went overboard.

We saw some cute ride on luggage and bought that, only to realise it wouldn’t fit in all the stuff I wanted to pack and realised that she was only just turned 2, she wouldn’t be pulling or riding it across the airport so we took it back.

I also had a lot of anxiety as she had a milk and egg allergy and found the airline we were traveling with not helpful at all. They couldn’t provide a suitable meal or let me know what ingredients were in the child’s meal (helpful) so we had to bring so many extra snacks as food is life for my daughter. We also selected a vegan meal for ourselves (well my husband did) to ensure we had something we could feed her as a backup.

We decided that we needed a million nappies and wipes, spare dummy’s as that was her comfort, her cuddly toy and spare clothes for all of us just in case there were any accidents. I went overboard and got about 20 toys that I wrapped up (I don’t actually recommend wrapping them as then you have loads of rubbish all the time throughout the flight). My husband thought I has gone mad when he saw the amount of toys and activities I had bought for the flight but I thought it was better to have stuff in case we needed it. I spent such a long time looking in all of the shops and online to purchase all of the toys and activities and spent a fortune but I figured it was a must have for such a long journey. Plus she was a great sleeper so I thought out of the 24 hours she was bound to sleep a massive part of the flight……I was so wrong.

She literally slept for maybe 2 hours on the first leg of the flight which was 7 hours and maybe 1 hour on the second leg which was 14 hours…little miss also declared that she wanted to get off and wouldn’t wear the seatbelt….sigh. Check out my next blog to find out why the magic age of 3 for flying is a dream.

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