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Catching the travel bug

I caught the travel bug early, I was 21 and my boyfriend (now my husband) and I decided to set off on a round the world ticket and spent 5 months exploring USA, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and China and it was honestly the best experience and one I will remember forever.

We lived the good life a little too much and unfortunately ran out of money after 5 months and didn’t get the opportunity to go to Australia which was somewhere we always wanted to go to. We went back home to the UK, started to save again and 2 years later we left home yet again and arrived “Down Under” on our working holiday visas. Fast forward a year and I was very lucky and ended up getting sponsored by the company I was working for and our 1 year working holiday turned into a 5 year stay. We arrived as “Pommie Backpackers” and left as “True Blue Aussie Citizens!”  After five years in Australia we started to get extremely homesick so back we went to the UK.

We are the classic ping pong poms (those that can’t decide where to live) and only lasted back in the UK for 3 years. We bought a house and had a baby but the itchy feet started again and ultimately we thought that Australia would be a better place to bring up our daughter. When she turned 2 years old we sold our house, quit our jobs, put all of our stuff in storage (just in case…. we had a habit of moving back and forth) and said goodbye to our families and set off again for Australia.

Anyone that has kids will know the anxiety and fear I had of traveling so far with a 2 year old. We had been on the plane with her once when she was 9 months old and it wasn’t pleasant and that was only a 4 hour flight, how on earth would we cope with 24 hours of traveling with a 2 year old??? Did I mention that I also hate flying, I always have an irrational fear that I will not survive the flight, but that’s another story! Check out our next blog about our first experience with flying long haul with a toddler.

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